cartolina azienda Colleoni bocce

About us


We are a highly specialized company in the construction of bocce courts. We become a point of reference in the world panorama of bocce courts constructions.

What we can do?

  •  We can solve ANY type of problem on your bocce court

  •  We are able to fix small and large repairs

  •  offer a turnkey job

  •  WE GUARANTEE our work

We have a tradition that boasts three generation on sector of bocce court construction and we love our job!

Our passion gave us an incentive to research new materials for the creation of bocce court surface. Then we obtained THE BEST BOCCE COURT SURFCE. This has a high degree of excellence, to allow us to carry out work in the largest sports centers in the world.

Our research and development laboratory has allowed us to go where other manufacturers will never go. With our innovative method we are able to create LAST LONGER courts, of the highest QUALITY, with maximum PROFESSIONALISM. Ask who already has a COLLEONI bocce court!


Take look at our WORKS AND SERVICES we offer


From today you can also buy our products directly from the SHOP online!

On this page you will find all the products you need, we have everything you need to maintain your bocce court, such as: professional broom, measuring stick, chalks, markers, bags and much more.


Visit our WORKS GALLERY page and check our works made in Italy and abroad.

Would you like to know more about HOW WE BUILD OUR SYNTHETIC BOCCE COURT visit the dedicated page. You can find many information and you can take look at all the available colors. We customize the finishes of the court according to the customer’s request. We have can provided and install permanent LOGO on the surface of your bocce court.