sabbia francese azzurro fine per campi boccesecchio sabbia azzurro fine per campi bocce
  • sabbia francese azzurro fine per campi bocce
  • secchio sabbia azzurro fine per campi bocce

Sand blue thin for bocce court 24 kg



Is compatible with any kind of surface of bocce game. Recommended quantity for courts with regular surface Grip 30kg / with consumed surface Grip 15 Kg. His breaking degree is greater than 3000 Kg / cm2 and therefore impossible to pulverize by playing with bocce on it.
- Allows you to MARK and DELETE with the chalk in ease - Allows you to SPEEDING or SLOWING the surface of your court - Prevents wear Direct sales, improves the performance and durability of the bocce court. THIN: does not change the speed of the playing surface COARSE: SLOWS the speed of the game Allows to MARK and DELETE with the chalk in ease Dry pack of about 24 kg
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Additional info

Additional information

Weight 24,000 kg

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