CBI kit for precision shooting

Discover the CBI KIT for Precision Shooting: the only set approved by the CBI (International Bowling Confederation) for international bowling competitions, complete with carpet, accessories and bowls. Perfect for athletes and enthusiasts, available worldwide.
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Globally Recognized Competitions

The CBI KIT, developed by the International Bowling Confederation (CBI), represents the international point of reference for all enthusiasts and athletes of this sport. Thanks to its innovative composition, the CBI KIT allows you to experience precision shooting at a level never achieved before.
The CBI KIT has been designed to offer everything you need to practice precision shooting, whether it is for national or international competitions. Each kit includes:
  • 1 CBI carpet with unique serial number, to guarantee authenticity and quality.
  • 8 Puzzle Accessories, ideal for varying challenges and game modes.
  • 2 Red Bowls and 1 White Bowl, for the competition.
  • 1 White Dot, the key element of the game.
  • 1 storage bag, to transport your KIT easily.

Accessibility and Global Diffusion

Designed in collaboration with the CBI and produced by COLLEONI s.r.l., the CBI KIT has achieved worldwide diffusion, making precision shooting an increasingly popular and appreciated discipline. Its availability is extended to national federations, associations, bodies and even private individuals, guaranteeing everyone the opportunity to participate and contribute to the development of this exciting sport.
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multilingual regulations

To facilitate understanding and adoption of the game, the precision shooting regulations are available in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German. This linguistic diversity ensures that athletes and fans from around the world can easily access the information they need to best enjoy the game.

Download the regulation:

Globally Recognized Competitions

By adopting the CBI KIT, you become part of an exclusive circuit of competitions recognized by the CBI and affiliated national federations. This set not only standardizes the rules of the game on a global scale but also allows you to award official titles in competitions ranging from local to international levels.

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